By Chef Lisa Leong

ck  200g cooked Orange sweet potato (cubed)
ck  200g cooked Taro (cubed)
ck  20g cooked large sago pearls
ck  2.5 litre hot water
ck  1 bottle Frezfruta Kaya (450g)
ck  100g rock sugar (to taste)
ck  400g thick coconut milk
ck  1/4 Tsp salt
ck  Peel cut potatoes and taro into cubes. Steam, separately until well cooked. Boil sago separately, until translucent and cooked.
ck  Bring 2.5 litre of water to boil, add in the rock sugar and salt cook over medium heat in Cornell Multi-cooker until the sugar dissolved.
ck  In the boiling sugar stock, add in kaya, thick coconut milk and cook over low heat Cornell Multi-cooker about 5 minutes.
ck  Finally add in the cooked sago pearls, potatoes and taro cubes, stir mix well. Serve hot or cold as you like.